Skating at Waterside Garden Centre

Your questions answered!

How long do I get to skate for?

Each session lasts for 45 minutes. Please remember to leave plenty of time to get your skates on!

How much does it cost?

One session costs £5 per person

Can I turn up on the day and skate?

Unfortunately to allocate the required staff, we can only accept bookings online.

How big is the ice rink?

The ice rink at Waterside Garden Centre is a synthetic 'Super Glide' ice, 12m x 12m. We hope that this will be large enough for the experienced skaters to enjoy, but at the same time not so daunting for the beginner.

How many people can skate at the same time?

To ensure that you never feel crowded, there is a limit of 40 skaters allowed on the ice at any one time.

When should I arrive and where do I go?

Please arrive at least 20 minutes before your session time head towards the ice rink in the covered plant area. Remember to bring along your email booking confirmation.

Do you have plenty of car parking?

Yes, we do and its all FREE!

Where can I store my personal belongings while I skate?

Lockers are NOT provided and skaters are advised not to bring along items of high value. Items can be left in the Skating Rink viewing area, with your shoes, AT YOUR OWN RISK! Waterside Garden Centre accepts no responsiblility for any items left unattended ANYWHERE at the rink while you skate.

Does skating still go ahead if its raining?

Yes! The ice rink is in our covered plant area.

Can I bring my own skates?

Yes. Although skate hire is included in the ticket price, we are happy for you to use your own skates on the ice providing you notify one of our staff. NO TOE PICKS ALLOWED. Please Note: there will be no reduction in price if you use your own skates.

Can I hire a child's push along Skate Aid?

Synthetic ice is a more forgiving surface than real ice and young children soon find their feet, but saying that we have a limited number of Penguin Skate Aids available on a first come basis.

At what age can I bring my children?

Skating is dependent upon shoe size and our range of skates start from a child size 5

How old do children have to be to skate unsupervised?

For safety reasons, all children 8 years and under must be accompanied by an adult on the ice (one adult for every three under 8's). Children 9+ can skate unaccompanied.

I can't skate! Where can I stand and watch from?

Next to the rink we have a viewing area so you can watch, hold the coats and take loads of photos as the rest of the family fly by on the rink!

Can I get drinks and refreshments?

Yes! Our Oasis Restuarant will be open whenever the rink is, so you will be able to buy hot and cold drinks, cakes and food.

Like all sports there is an element of risk, however, if these recommendations are followed, ice skating is as safe as any other sport. Waterside Garden Centre can accept no responsibility for any injuries which might occur during this activity